During any premium edit, I will check your figures and offer feedback to improve those that do not efficiently and accurately convey the intended information. If you need more than a basic figure check, I can modify figures you have created, or create custom figures to present your data in the most appropriate way.


If you have already created figures, but need assistance making them as clear, intuitive, and attractive as possible, I can help. I am experienced in the Adobe suiteMATLABRPythonArcGIS, and ImageJ, and I can make custom modifications to any illustrations or figures so that they clearly present the data.

Before modification - Uneven spacing along x-axis, unattractive gridlines, unnecessary legend, cumulative data inappropriately represented.

After modification - constant x-axis spacing, gridlines removed, y-axis labels color coded to data, cumulative data presented as a curve, additional information provided in plot background. Plot is in high resolution vector format.


If you need help visualizing your data, I can create custom figures that best represent your work. I have extensive experience producing a variety of 2D and 3D plots, images, and dynamic illustrations (such as changing or rotating .gifs).

raw 3D data with attributes

raw 3D data with attributes

3D data visualization