Editing services

Use the calculator below to estimate the cost of editing your paper*. Please include any other documents/sections that you would like edited (e.g., supplementary materials, abstracts, captions, etc...).

Word count:
[numbers only, exclude punctuation]

Editing service:

*Discounts and surcharges may effect the cost of an edit. See right for details.

Figure drafting services

Figure drafting and editing services are billed on a flat rate based on the service required:

Figure modification:  30 € per figure;

Custom figures:  75 € per figure.

Incentives / Discounts**

Well-written Discount:

Projects that are well-written and require minimal edits will receive a 10% Well-Written Discount. Poorly written papers that require extensive edits beyond the scope of the editing service chosen will incur a 10% surcharge.

Student Discount:

Students and early career scientists without funding for publication costs will receive a 20% Student Discount. Well-written papers will also qualify for the Well-Written Discount - a combined 30% discount!

Repeat Customer Discount:

If you have used RD Editing services three or more times, you will receive a 10% Repeat Customer Discount.

Referral Discount:

If you refer my services to other geoscientists, you will receive a 10% Referral Discount on your next project.

**NOTE - Discounts apply to text-editing services only. The maximum combined discount is 30%.